How do I get my employees to share and like my content on LinkedIn?

Before delving into strategies, it’s crucial to understand the importance of employee advocacy. Your employees serve as your business’s most potent trust-building resource. When they share your branded content, it acts as a mini-testimonial, conveying a personal endorsement of the content’s value.


Here are some compelling statistics:


This emphasizes the significant impact of turning your employees into advocates, not just on soft marketing metrics but also on sales and overall revenue.


3 Tips For Getting Your Employees To Share Your Content


  1. Make It Easy To Share: Your employees are busy, juggling numerous tasks. Removing barriers and simplifying the task increases the likelihood of content being shared and liked.


Pro Tip: With PostSpeaker, you don’t have to ask your colleagues to share or like each Linkedin-post individually. All they need to do is sign in with their LinkedIn account once and set their preferences. Then publish your posts as you normally would, and PostSpeaker ensures that they are automatically liked and shared by everyone participating.


  1. Make The Content Relative And Valuable: Avoid treating your employees as corporate pawns. Ensure the content you ask them to share is relevant, valuable, and aligns with both their interests and their audience’s needs. By consistently positioning your employees as industry rock stars on platforms like LinkedIn, you enhance the chances of them willingly sharing your branded content.


  1. Incentivize: While the idea of incentives may be debated, an incentive-based employee advocacy program can significantly boost engagement. Beyond monetary rewards, consider incentives like extra PTO, a long lunch, premium parking spots, gift cards, contest entries, special recognition, or branded swag. Experiment to find what resonates most with your team and aligns with your company culture.


Additional Strategies for Effective Employee Advocacy:


  1. Define Your Goals, Objectives, and Strategies: Clarify your employee advocacy goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or generating leads. Tailor your content creation to support these goals and communicate the strategy clearly to your employees.


  1. Explain WHY You Want Them To Share: Articulate the bigger picture, career implications, new opportunities, incentives, and the technology behind sharing. Help your employees understand the benefits and objectives of sharing branded content, giving them a compelling reason to engage.


  1. Encourage Them To Share Their Own Content: Empower your employees to share not only your branded content but also their creations. User-generated content adds authenticity and trust to your brand. While you can’t review every piece, monitor their social media activities to ensure alignment with your brand’s values.



Turning your employees into social media ambassadors is a powerful strategy with lasting benefits. By implementing these tips and strategies, you can create an environment where your employees willingly share content, contributing to increased brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, revenue. Remember, it’s about fostering a program that aligns with your employees’ needs, creating a culture where participation is not just encouraged but eagerly embraced. Contact us today to explore how employee advocacy can elevate your business with PostSpeaker.


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