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For more reach and engagement on Linkedin, you can promote your posts through paid advertising. Drawback: content promotion on Linkedin is very expensive. It’s more cost-effective to ask colleagues to share, like, and/or comment on your posts. However, this is not always easy in practice. Initially, people might be willing to help, but then they forget, something more important comes up, or they feel they’ve done enough.

With PostSpeaker, your ambassadors share and/or like on autopilot. All they need to do is sign up once and specify their preferences. The rest happens automatically.

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According to Cisco research, employee posts generate 8 times more engagement than posts from their employers.

We want our employees to be active on Linkedin. With PostSpeaker, we make it easy for them. Miranda Hoogenboom, Online Marketeer Branding & Recruitment at DigiContact

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